Three Centuries of History & Culture in Ontario's Oldest Permanent European Settlement

Journey to Windsor, Ontario, Canada & Discover its Connection to French Colonial History

At the end of the 17th century, The French Colony of Canada (New France) was concentrated around Quebec, Trois-Rivieres and Montreal. Threatened with British intervention, the King of France gave the order to expand westward. A few explorers convinced several hundred adventurers to risk everything to establish a new life in this area.

This is the story of their hardships, accomplishments and “joie de vivre”.

This is also the story of le Detroit. A body of water that connects two Great Lakes and for centuries has been a connection to many great nations.

This is the story of “THE FRENCH CONNECTION”

Tour Timeline

Welcome (Bienvenu), to The French Connection Tour, a celebration of the history and culture of a Francophone Community, cut off for more than 300 years from the rest of the French speaking population of North America. 

Guided by your engaging host, your tour will be interrupted by time warped characters from centuries past, who find themselves thrown into modern day Windsor. 

First stop is the waterfront where you’ll learn of the many great French explorers, who passed through this area and how one chose to stay and build a fort which grew to be a great city. You’ll have the pleasure of meeting two bumbling Coureurs de Bois, Jean-Marc and Jean-Paul, who are in search of their lost canoe. Fortunately for you, they will have a few minutes to spare and explain the harsh life of a fur trapper and the risks they took to encounter and work with the aboriginal tribes.