Roaring 20’s Musical Revue

At Encore Productions of Windsor, we’re in the business of whisking you back to the exuberant era of the Roaring 20s, offering bespoke entertainment solutions for all manner of corporate gatherings, from the grandeur of galas and the significance of fundraisers to the camaraderie of conferences and the festivity of holiday celebrations.

Should you desire the welcoming charm of costumed characters, the thrilling interaction with gangsters and flapper girls, or the sheer spectacle of a full-scale musical extravaganza complete with melodious singing, live orchestration, and laugh-out-loud comedy, our repertoire is designed to suit any financial plan.

Prepare to be catapulted into the heart of the 1920s’ splendor and frenzy, as our interactive show promises not just to entertain but to envelop you in the epoch’s allure. With a troupe of jesters, vocalists, and musicians, all donned in authentic 1920s attire, we guarantee your experience will be nothing short of electrifying, prompting spontaneous toe-tapping and enthusiastic knee-slapping to our blend of musical and comedic acts. And who knows? The rhythm might just sweep you off your feet, inviting you to cut a rug right there on the dance floor.


Contact us for more information on how we can make your event the “bee’s knees” and the “cat’s meow”.  


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