A four-hour live action bus tour where costumed characters tell the story of Prohibition in Windsor and Detroit during the Roaring twenties. Watch the drama unfold between the forces of good and evil as “The Fighting Parson” tackles lawless saloon owners and gangsters make deal with local bootleggers. Enjoy your hot buffet lunch at a re-enacted Speakeasy while you are entertained with live music, singing and comedy routines!


During the tour, you’ll take part in a re-enacted Speakeasy, where the legendary Bertha Thomas, who operated one of the more popular speakeasies, will greet you. She served Hollywood movie stars as well as some of the most notorious gangsters. While you enjoy a delicious lunch, Bertha will tell the story of the Speakeasies and how they managed to operate right under the nose of the law. She will explain why many were built along the waterfront and tell tales of the secret tunnels to the river and passage ways to hidden rooms where even local politicians revelled in the illegal gambling and drinking. Of course, music was a big part of the Speakeasies and our resident piano player “Fingers” will tickle the ivories with tunes from that era. Feel free to sing along and if you’re really brave we’ll teach you the steps to the Charleston. Keep an eye out for the cops, because the place could be raided at any time.